Daniel Ofir


Daniel Ofir (1941), married + 3. Born in Shabazi - on the border of Tel - Aviv and Jaffa. His father immigrated to Israel from Istanbul, Turkey, and worked as a construction of the city of  Tel-Aviv

Daniel attended school Tachkemoni there absorbed the biblical foundations of the Bible, which affected his work as an artist and painter.

Daniel  studied graphics and painting Israeli institutes of Technology and at the Avni Institute of Painting and Sculpture.


In 1962 was one of the founders of the publication of the Ministry of Defense and for 10 years was responsible for many different publications, including the impressive albums tangible photographs documenting the Six Day War.


In 1977 he was appointed publishing director of the Open University, where he served 10 years. During this period contributed Daniel personality as an artist and a painter to design the curriculum of the University. At the same time he was busy painting the Bible for seven years and developed a special technique and concept appropriate to the story of events in the bible . In all the years presented solo exhibitions in Israel and abroad, participated in numerous group exhibitions sponsored by the heads of cities. Daniel is a resident of Holon and then manages its operations worldwide. His paintings are in the Bible Museum in Tel - Aviv and numerous collections worldwide many solo exhibitions in the United States and South Africa .                                                               

Daniel was one of the initiators and founders of "Orbis" and his secretary, when the time steps were taken for painters and artists' work in group exhibitions in different cities in Gush Dan, sponsored by mayors. Comprehensive artistic work about 50 years of work,  on the land of Israel and the Bible, which concentrated specifically, work that gained him a special status in modern Judaica 

In 1982 Massada Publishing Ltd, has published a magnificent album of his work on - Israel and the painting - Dan Ofir .                 

In 1995 he published "A New Face of the Bible" containing 114 magnificent paintings. . Introduction by Prof. Haim Gevaryahu - Chairman Israel Society for Biblical Research and the World Jewish society Bible. The album was released as part of celebrations and events, Jerusalem 3000.

The album was awarded the President Ezer Weizman, Prof. Amnon Rubinstein - Education Minister, Ehud Olmert, Mayor of Jerusalem

In 2009 Daniel directed his movie "From Genesis to Independence."

The movie , which is based on paintings of the atrist Daniel Ofir, discusses the creation of the world until the Operation "Cast Lead."


In 2006 Daniel Ofir established his website which presented the Bible paintings and Israel's wars. The purpose of the website is to give basic knowledge and to connect Jewish peoples to one another.  In addition the website teaches about Jewish herritage.


In 2014 he upgraded his website : www.danielofir.com