"From Genesis to Independence"

"From Genesis to Independence" is an educational, historical documentary movie, recommended by educators.  It discusses the creation of the world from its beginnings up until Operation "Cast Lead" in 2008 through art and special music. The movie has received many favorable reviews.

Narrating the movie are Brigadier General (res) Avigdor Kahalani – 

the Israeli hero - and Rabbi David Lau, Chief Rabbi of Israel.


Language & Subtitles:  Hebrew and English.

Background music was changed in May 2017 by S.P.Y professional video editing.

Running time:  70 minutes. 5 parts


List of chapters:


Part 1

1. Creation of the world

2.  Departure from Egypt

Part 2

3. The Prophets

4. Haggada of Passover

Part 3

5. The War of Independence 1948

Part 4

6. The Sinai War 

7. The Six Day War

8. The Yom Kippur War

Part 5

9. The First Lebanon War

10. The Second Lebanon War

11. Operation "lead of casting" in Gaza 






The movie cover 


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