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During his years of operation Daniel has invested many years in spreading the heritage of Israel through the many paintings which follow, expressing a lot of issues which related to the Jewish people. In 2009, Daniel directed his first movie. The movie is a historical review of the events of the Jewish people from the creation to Operation Cast Lead.

In 2013, Daniel pruduced his second movie.  It's a biographical movie that reflected his private life and his activities during the years for the heritage of Israel.


His first movie "From Genesis to Independence" features many reputable people  - Brigadier General Avigdor Kahalani, Rabbi David Lau- The Chief Rabbi of Israel and Dr. Chelly Avraham-Eitan. 

In the movie Rabbi Lau talks about the Bible and offers an educational interpretation.


The Movie " From Genesis to Independence" has recived many favorable reviews from many educators
who believe that the movie is teaching the Heritage of the Jewish people to the next generation .



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