The list's Exhebition- Daniel Ofir



An exhibition in Biller's family 15.12.79


An exhibition in "Ipanema" Gallery  22.3.80                


An exhibition in "Tando" Gallery 18.3.81


Exhibition sponsored by the Jewish community in Chicago 2.8.81      


An exhibition in "Open University" 6.4.82


An exhibition in the Jewish community of Johannesburg 23.3.8


 An Exhibition sponsored by Netanya Mayor Yoel Alroey 17.12.83


An exhibition in "Bet Eliyahu" Museum 30.5.84 


An Exhibition in "Bible museum" sponsored by Mr. Shimon Peres 17.5.87


An Exhibition sponsored by Bat Yam Mayor Ehud Kinamon 7.12.87


An Exhibition sponsored by Mr. Itzhak Yaron  Givattayim Mayor 7.5.88        


An Exhibition in Art museum - Holon 8.10.96

An Exhibition in "Bet Hasofer" Modiin 28.5.13

An Exhibition in "Bet Hasofer" Modiin 2.12.13

An Exhibition in "Bet Hasofer" Modiin 10.6.14


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